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Privacy Policy

Biggnow aims to keep all our customers satisfied with their purchase and like to cooperate and resolve situation like returns, as we know that some purchases can go wrong. For any return situations, contact us and we can get things sorted as soon as possible.

  • When requesting for a return or refund it must be within 30 days of purchase. We wont mind any request made outside the timeframe.
  • Cancelation of a product can be made on the same but has to be within 8 hours of its purchase.
  • If the product that you have ordered is not what you expected, damaged or not the right size or colour or if the product doesn’t match the products description, you are then able to ask for a refund. But we would need to see some evidence of the problem like a picture and you may need to return the item.
  • If you do not get the item that you have ordered you are eligible to get a refund.
  • After the same day cancelation 8-hour period has passed, Biggnow will not accept any refund request unless the item delivered is either damaged or not the item you ordered for.
  • Once Biggnow approves the cancellation or the refund and the return of the item is confirmed, Biggnow will return or credit the purchase amount and the shipping fees. Any fees for special or expedited shipping will not be refunded and that the customer may be responsible for the return-shipping fee.

Biggnow reserves the right to:

  • Refuse refunds if it goes against the policy or causes any violations.
  • Limit the customer support and refunds if the customer abuses the service.
  • Limit purchase activity if the purchases go against any policy.
  • Update the policy from time to time.



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